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Well Project in Hekan Maraba, Niger State, Nigeria
Operation Blessing International - Living Water Projects: Nigeria
  • Dedication: November 27, 2012
  • Village: Hekan Maraba, Bosso District, Niger State
  • Plaque Inscription: Sponsored by small beginnings BIG RESULTS
    in Honor of Small Beginnings Big Results in San Antonio, Texas
  • Approximate population of the village: 500
  • Number of beneficiaries of this project: 500
  • Closest water source before this project: There was an open shallow well within the community. Apart from the fact that it runs out of water during the dry season, its water presented a lot of health hazards. Therefore, the new well came as a great relief for the people of Hekan Maraba community village.
Descripton of the village & people:  The village is small, with a population of about 500. They are predominantly Christians. Because of religious segregation, the Muslim-dominated state government does not pay as much attention as it might to the needs of Christian communities such as Hekam Maraba. The majority of the people work as peasant farmers, earning little income other than from their crops of maize and yams, on which they depend for their livelihood.
Description of the well dedication:  Pastor Daniel Nadabo dedicated the well to the glory and honor of God on behalf of the Living Water Project. The entire community was cheerful and overwhelmed with joy throughout the ceremony. They were full of thanksgiving for the gift of the well. Women came with their large containers, happily fetching water from the well as the dedication speeches were being given. About 110 people attended the ceremony.

Hygiene Lecture:  Pastor Daniel Nadabo conducted a hygiene lecture after the well dedication. The emphasis was on the need to store water in clean containers as well as to keep the well environment clean. The people appreciated the information on water sanitation. The men were advised to ensure the safety of the pump so that the well will last longer.
Expressions of appreciation:

Joshua Maisamari, Village Chief:  "Thank you because you are our hope. The well came at a time when we had already lost hope regarding any help from anybody. This was a great gift; we are grateful to you for your support!"
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