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Well Project in Angwan Bokolo Tsiga, Katsina State, Nigeria
Operation Blessing International - Living Water Projects: Nigeria
  • Dedication: June 22, 2012
  • Village: Angwan Bokolo Tsiga, Tsiga District, Katsina State
  • Plaque Inscription: Sponsored by small beginnings BIG RESULTS
    in honor of Dr. Paul D. Stevens and The New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas
  • Approximate population of the village: 2,500
  • Number of beneficiaries of this project: 1,000
  • Closest water source before this project: The closest usable water source for the villagers was from a flowing river.
    This was also shared with animals. When it rains, the villagers collect and store the water to use.
Descripton of the village & people:  The village has a large percentage of children and young adults. Many of the inhabitants work as peasant farmers, and a few of them raise cows that give them additional income. Most of the villagers are Muslims, which accounts for the preponderance of children at the dedication. Most of the women could not leave their homes and most of the men were working in the fields.

Description of the well dedication:  Sani Nadabo dedicated the well at an outreach center in the northwestern section of the village. Children were very happy because they have been relieve of having to travel 3 km in search of water, especially during the dry season. With the new well in their community, they will be able to attend school and concentrate on their studies.
Hygiene lecture:  Sani Nadabo gave a talk about hygiene to the women and children at the dedication of the well. He emphasized the need to store water in clean containers, as well as keeping the environment clean to protect it from any misuse that could lead to a breakdown of the well pump.
Outreach and number of salvations: About 528 people were exposed to the Gospel of Christ during a film showing at the outreach. There were 245 people that prayed to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
Expressions of appreciation:

Mallam Hassan Yusuf, village chief:  "You have relieved our women and children from having to walk for hours in search of clean drinking water. The river that we were accustomed to using was very hazardous to our health. Thank you for this gift and God bless you."
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