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Well Project in Amanfrom, Eastern Region, Ghana
Operation Blessing International - Living Water Projects: Ghana
  • Dedication:  
  • Village: Amanfrom, Akyeamansa District, Eastern Region
  • Plaque Inscription: Sponsored by small beginnings BIG RESULTS
    In Honor of Leslie Foster and the Community Echoes Musical and Guests,
    In Memory of Sammy J. Weddington
  • Approximate population of the village: 1,789
  • Number of beneficiaries of this project: 400
  • Closest water source before this project: an open well in another community 1 km away, where people used a rope and bucket to haul up water
Descripton of the village & people: Amanfrom's people are mainly farmers who grow cassava, maize, and plantain. Their homes are mud brick with zinc roofs. There are schools and churches serving its people. A new well was consructed and given a concrete wall within and without to protect it against erosion. It was covered with a concrete slab and a Nira pump was fixed for use.
Munkala Muhammed, villager: "We are very thankful to God for the provision of this potable water. This project is truly going to support the community. Our children will no longer have to risk their lives to fetch water using ropes fixed to buckets. Furthermore, our health will be intact as nothing dirty or filthy would be washed in."
Descripton of the well dedication: The dedication was held in the form of a mini durbar. The Gospel was shared and the people were exhorted about the need to have Jesus Christ in control of their lives. It was emphasized that accepting Jesus as their Savior was the only way to experience the abundant life. 25 of them gave their lives to Christ and were encouraged to fellowship with a Bible-believing church of their choice. About 100 people attended the dedication ceremony.
Abudu Dramani Adams, Imam: "The Lord continues to bless you for your obedience to His Will. Thank you for this project."
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This audio "Frafra Singing" is part of the collection: Community Audio at www.archive.org/details/ThomasLadonne_Ghana_Traditional
Date: 2002-11-12; Keywords: Africa; Ghana; music; traditional
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