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Well Project in Ali Krom Community, Eastern Region, Ghana
Operation Blessing International - Living Water Projects: Ghana
  • Dedication: May 23, 2013
  • Village: Ali Krom Community, Suhum Municipal Assembly, Eastern Region
  • Plaque Inscription: Sponsored by small beginnings BIG RESULTS
    in Memory of Colin Kinney
  • Approximate population of the village: 900
  • Number of beneficiaries of this project: 400
  • Closest water source before this project: The village's previous water source was a small contaminated stream on the outskirts of the community. The surroundings were not well kept and the people sometimes had to walk as far as 2 miles before they could get to a well from which to fetch water.
Descripton of the Project:  A new well was constructed for the community. A concrete floor was built surrounding the well to assure increased sanitation.

Descripton of the village & people:  The village of Ali Krom was first settled by a man called Malam Ali, a Muslim, about 60 years ago. The community has since grown, and now is home to both Christians and Muslims. The people in the community are peasant farmers growing crops like maize, pawpaw, cassava, plantain, and tomatoes. They also do some small trading. Their houses are well built with clay and concrete blocks and roofed with zinc sheets. The roads are in very poor condition. The village has a church, a clinic, and a school.
Description of the well dedication:  About 30 people attended the commissioning ceremony. There was a short presentation of the Gospel and the people were given the opportunity to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. They were prayed for and advised to fellowship with any Bible believing church of their choice. Ten people dedicated their lives to the Lord; special prayers were said for them.
Expressions of appreciation:

Kwabene Asomeni, village resident:  "I thank God for bringing your project to our community. I am so happy for the work you have done. Water has been a worry to us and we are thankful that you have given us this aid. We hope it will help solve the water problem in this community, especially as we age. Thank you!"
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